Don’t make me think: Book Review

Don’t make me think book gives very nice explanation about web usablity for website designers and web product developers.

  • The book mainly focuses on general guideline about how to make a web pages so that a user doesn’t have to think much and can understand fast from the design and placement of the sections.
  • It also explain how to design different sections of the page so that user can easily identify what he/she is looking for and how to go back from here.
  • How a home page should look a like. What a home page should contain.

Book is really nice for a web developer as well web deigner.

Updated: 1st Aug, 2016

  • It also cover how we can do usability testing for our site. Author has covered nice explanation about usability testing and how we can proceed for such a testing with different different situation. If we have bar minimum team how we can test if we have enough budget should we have to higher professional for such testing.
  • Usability is not just about how we can use and how it looks good and attractive. But how user feels after using it first time. How it is easy and comfortable for them to use. Is it simple and map with their domain. Does it require to learn to use our web page. All these things matters.

Rework: book review

I was not fan of reading book earlier. I was like to sit against computer and would like to build stuffs using the programming knowledge that i posses. But i have read on internet about rework book. I knew that most of people who are doing business like this book. I have purchased this book ftom Amazon kindle store and downloaded kindle app for iPhone. I have started reading this book. I red few chapters and find it interesting to me. Than i had started reading this book when ever i had time.

Rework has expressed tottally different way of starting or doing business. Infact it empoers your thinking level in personal life also. The book is talking about Various topics


Planning in practical way instead of spending too much time in only planing.


Too much meeting will distract you from work. Early morning habitual meeting will boar you. Instead meet when you have some results. Frequent mertings would eat all people’s time.


Book has nicely explain business competion and how to stand uniquely in this competition.


It also covers how to promote your work. Promotion in a practical way instead of spending special time just only for promotion.


This book said when you are starting your own business instead of hiring initially just start work with your own. Keep doing it for few time. If you alone is not enough to complete work than you should think about hiring.

There are other good topics which this book covers which i have not listed in this short book review.

I tottaly recommend to read this book if you are doing business or plan to start new one.