Why should I choose PHP over ROR for my web application?

First of let me clear one thing that i have not much experience of writing ROR apps, nor i am favouring php as i have a some experience in it.

Talking about php language it is simple and easy to learn who knows c or other programming language.

Ruby is used in ROR. But it is not as simple as PHP.

Dev. Environmnet:

To getting started with php you just haveto set up a local web server with php integrated like xampp or wamp and start developing with php in few minutes.

Wel with ROR you have to do a lot of excercise to setup working environment in your machine unless you use RailsInstalle.


The way we deploy php application is extremley makes me happy while working with php. I just change the code right away on the server and saved and my change in production. The biggest advantage is you can host your php application on shared host as well which is cheap.

Well to deploy ROR app you at least have vps pr it’s dedicated server like passenger. You must have to install all gems . So you have to manage your server too.
Frameworks in Php:

RoR itself a framework in ruby which is awesome for rapid developement. In php there are numbers of framework you will find but i prefer laravel due to simplicity and it’s features.

I can say php is a lnguage where you can solve problems in a way that you know the logic. 


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