Write your own css, wakeup the hidden designer 

After developing web basef software since last five and half years i have worked with different front end tools especially for css to design web pages. Among all i like twitter bootstrap and jQuery ui. These both kits are free and widely used. Also they cover most of the components which requires in day to day use for building different softwares ui. 

Why your own css instead of freeware or third party?

Even though after using thede kits from last couple of years today i personaly realised that for any web based ui i have to write my own css. Because 

  • if i chose twitter bootstrap or jquery ui most of the time my effort goes to fit or restyle their elements as per the project needs. 
  • However incase of bootstrap they are using too much space between elements. 
  • If i am using twitter bootstrap and later if i have to add jQuery ui, i have to look bootstrap version of jquery ui elements or have to put some effort to style jquery ui elements nearer to bootstrap.

How to plan your own css

Writing your own css for any project is not that much complex than you think. 

  • The idea is to identify commonly used elements from the sketches or wireframes that you have.
  • Style each element independantly as a components. 
  • And finally build different pages using all your custom styled element. 
  • While designing pages with your custom styled elements if you require to do some changes than do it in such way that they might not affect in other pages.

I have personally experienced this technique while developing  a saralhisab.com a mobile based pocket diary app.


In conclusion if you are a good designer than ask your self to design first instead of picking ready made item. I hope you will be definately have better than you could built with ready made.


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