Quickly upload site using file compression technique

Recently i am building saralhisab.com a fun way to track daily expenses on mobile device. Currently only way to use this service is using browser but android app is also on the way. I have built this application in php framework named “Laravel”. When i was done with this app i had purchased small hosting plan and did host it. As laravel have numbers of sub directories and vendor packages i find some dificulty while uploading saralhisab app files by files and folders by folders using filezila which is conviniet for small numbers of files and folders.


But where there are numbers of files and folders then uploading it is time consuming and some times failed for few files. When i am facing this problem couple of times the most merciful God gave me an idea that if i compress all the files and folders in single compressed files and upload it with filezilla it will take less time and gives result which will either filly succeed or failed for uploading task. So i created zip file of my saralhisab app and uploaded zip file only.

Once zip file is uploaded i have open terminal and did ssh to the hosting server.  


Opened directory where i had uploaded zip file. Extracted it and move files and directories in proper places.  So i find this is easiest way to upload site.


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