Hide specific elements while printing web page

We know that how to print a web page using JavaScript. Window.print() function is awesome and will do this job. But how to hide specific elements while printing a web page certainly annoying.
Think that you have built invoice  module in your web application. You have nicely built it. User can easily create the invoice.

But think how will you hide that print button when user will click on print.
You can solve this problem by using css media query print
@media print {
      .print {
Now apply this print class to all those elements which you do not want to print. Thanks it.
As a best practice do not apply print class to every element instead wrap all the elements with div and apply print class to it if all elements are nearer. If elements are placed at different locations so in that case only apply print class to separate element.
Let’s take a small example.
When you run above html in browser you will see below page.
See In above example when you click on print button it will not print the “Print” Button.
When you click print, you will see below page which ask you to print the page from browser.

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