Small Introduction of wordpress

WordPress is heavily used word in PHP community. What is it? how it can be helpful for developers or people ? why we need it to make our life easier? and so many questions are there for it. So let’s discuss few things first and than start our main focus for this topic.
What is a wordpress ?
WordPress is a content management system written in PHP programming language. WordPress allows you to manage content of your website using posts. You can also organise posts using categories and tags. It has a nice admin panel to manage contents of your website.

whay we need a wordpress ?
If you have experienced of web design you already know how to design a website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. Let’s say you have to build small business website which have few pages like home, products, about, contact. What you will typically do if you don’t know wordpress, you will create folder structure as below:
Now what next, you will do a process for building this website like writing a css, layout pages and creating content and putting images. Finally you will build a website and host it on  Now if you need a change like
  • they have to add few more products in products page,
  • change some description in home page
  • want to add few more contacts in contact page.
If you are not using wordpress you have to modify html contents in the pages and re-upload it on the server where you hosted But if you are using wordpress to build pages in your website you can easily change the content from the admin interface and see effect without any change in html.
Quick overview of wordpress admin.
After installing a wordpress on your server you will have to type below url in your browser.
this wp-admin will leads you to admin login page.
Login using the credentials which you enters during wordpress installation.
WordPress content is organized in several different sections for different usage. WordPress mainly using below sections to organize sections:
  • Categories:


In this interface you can create, edit, delete categories for your post. In out future post we will so how we can use this categories in website content. You can create nested categories as well. The interface is pretty simple and have nice labelling so no need to explain the functionality of each and every component in detail not it is in the scope of this article.

  • Posts:



Post is an important thing for content. Post contains information you want to display. In this admin interface you can see list of posts, filter it by category and delete it if you do not find it is useful. Click on Add New button if you like to add new post on your site. After clicking on Add New button you will find below screen for entering the content of new post.


See there is a small text box for entering the title of the post which you can see in the post lists screen. You can also find good editor with MS word like interface where you can enter the content of the post. From the right side bar you can select categories for the post.


  • Media:



Using this interface you can manage media files like images, videos and audio. Once you upload media files wordpress will generate a link which you can refer in your post.

  • Pages:


Pages are same as post but at some extent they are different. As the title itself suggest that they are pages. You can create pages same way as you create posts.
So i hope you enjoying reading this article and thought it is useful for gaining some knowledge of wordpress.

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