Don’t blame PHP, embrace it.

People are teasing PHP.

But there are tons of framework and famous CMS available for development.

If it is not good than how these awesome mvc frameworks like yii, laravel, codeigniter, phalcon etc… and cms like word-press, joomla, drupal etc, of-course some e-commerce platform like magento dominant in the market, os-commerce etc exist. All these things are happen because PHP is really easy from develop to deploy. Even customers likes it and recommends it.

Also some people critics on security of PHP against Java. Of course it’s an environment that comes with security, but rest of the things as a developer that you have to provide as a security to your application. If you don’t care about security in java than also you will loose security assurance of your application.


PHP 5.6  comes with some nice features in object oriented direction and language improvements. They also have developed their own debugger. Composer a good dependency manager and provide nice way to serve dependencies as well auto-loading library and other classes so every time we don’t have to write include this or require this.


People also says that rails is better than PHP, but actually it’s an alternative solution against PHP. PHP has everything that rails provide if you architect it well using it’s feature and if you use framework like laravel or yii than it’s complete stack like rails. So it’s not a good advice to move from PHP to rails without studying the things. You know PHP than embrace it, it’s a gift to you by GOD, have it, use it, provide solutions and enjoy it.


Also some are saying that there huge number of people in the market who knows PHP. So if you go and learn it there are no value instead you have to do .NET or Java or something else. But i said though if there are lot’s of people in PHP than how many are there out of all who knows it better way. This question is not only for PHP it’s applied for all other technologies like Java and .NET. Also market/customer is not looking for PHP guy or a .net guy they need a solution to their problem which they are facing. Now it’s your turn how you can solve their problem. It doesn’t matter for a customer whether you are providing solution in PHP or in another technology. They just need a solution which is best suited for they business perspective.


Read this book which will direct you in right direction.

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