JavaScript and Modern web-development

  • JavaScript basics:

Java-script is a scripting language generally used in web-pages.Java script is written in between <script></script> tag in web-page.Java-script have all the features like normal programming languages like variables,functions,operators, control structures etc.

  • Why JavaScript

In earlier days there were a fat server and thin client.I mean all the processing are done on server side to facilitate the web-page and on client side just small processing and page is rendered in the browsers.But now a days in modern web-development comes evolve with Ajax and many good and structured JavaScript frameworks and libraries like jquery,backbonejs,dojotoolkit,angularjs and development model is changed to thin sever and fat client.As client machines have now good memory min of 2GB and have powerful processor,enough resources and enough processing capabilities are available are client side.server is just responsible to deliver data and what ever data is sent by the client stored it in to the database and most of the processing are done on client-side so application logic are written in JavaScript instead of common server side languages like PHP,Java(JSP),C#(ASP). These server side languages are used to develop the web-services (API) to store and retrieve the data.

So Whole application logic is written in JavaScript and we are not maintain it properly,it will be trouble some when application became larger or it is already larger.To achieve this task easily JavaScript frameworks comes in picture.Now a days you listen the jargon in the web world like jquery,backbone,angular,dojo,emberjs,phonejs,twitter-bootstrap etc.

  • Where it can be applied.

If you have sound knowledge of the JavaScript you can use it below areas which are in my knowledge may be there are others which i have not listed it here.

  1. Web-application client-side app.
  2. Web-application server side using nodejs
  3. Desktop application,Microsoft windows 8 apps can be built using HTML5 and JavaScript.
  4. Android/iOS/Blackberry mobile apps
  5. Browser plug-in.
  6. Build a widgets libraries that can be used in any web-application like

Since 4 years of my journey for working in the web-applications, i have felt for JavaScript as below.

Here in this blog i will not mentioned the syntax of the JavaScript language as it is already mentioned by expert in their book.But it may be possible that i will write some short tutorial for usage of JavaScript in day to day web applications.

Few good links for JavaScript are.

  1. Complete comprehensive book on JavaScript by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
  2. JavaScript design patterns
  3. Free JavaScript books site
  4. JavaScript-Garden

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